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There’s rather a lot I like about John Wick 3: Parabellum, starting with the primary scene. John Wick — played by Keanu Reeves, in fact — kills a nasty man with a ebook. He simply props it up on a desk and locations the bottom of the man’s cranium on it and fatally hobbles him, like American Historical past X meets Distress. That’s solely one of many inventive, brutal stunts within the film, which had me questioning if that is the most effective stunt choreography I’ve seen since classic Jackie Chan.

And the world constructing! John Wick lives in a universe the place the felony underworld is organized below a strict company umbrella often known as “The High Table,” which employs a staff of no-nonsense, tattoo-covered switchboard operators dressed and styled like ’50s waiters and housewives, the place the ladies seem like strippers from Portland and the boys like members of My Chemical Romance. They work in a spot that appears like a cross between a inventory alternate and a on line casino counting room, the place the names of the “excommunicado,” these marked for dying, like John Wick, are marked on an enormous chalkboard and known as out just like the day’s specials. As we speak, John Wick’s life is value $14 million. Tick tock, John Wick.

Among the gangs organized beneath the excessive desk embody a staff of assassins dressed as homeless males led by Laurence Fishburne’s character, who additionally raises pigeons. “You see flying rats, I see… the web,” he says at one level, which is humorous to start with, however additional humorous when it’s Morpheus. There’s one other, barely much less creatively realized gang of sushi chef/martial arts college students led by Mark Dacascos — also called The Chairman from Iron Chef America.

It’s all enjoyable sufficient, largely skating that line between cool and silly. However discussing the world-building in John Wick is type of like admiring the drapes in a porn film. We come for the brutal killings; we keep for the brutal killings. And there are tons! There’s a whole combat scene incorporating Belgian Malinois, which appear to have been educated solely to chew dicks. A combat scene incorporating vicious dick canines was one thing I hadn’t seen in an motion movie earlier than, and it was good.

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