Bombay Sapphire’s ‘Canvas Bar’ Allows Patrons to DIY Drinks

In order to give consumers more opportunity to experiment with the endless possibilities that can be created with Bombay Sapphire Gin, the iconic brand that’s known for the world’s most famous gin created the ‘Canvas Bar.’

Named after the idea of a blank art canvas, the cocktail bar allows consumers to come in and try out different combinations, so that they can end up with a unique creation that’s truly their own. Consumers can come in and order a unique cocktail that’s created by award-winning bartenders, which they can then spruce up with their choice of flavor spritz, garnish, and more.

Canvas Bar is open from Thursday to Sunday weekly, and will remain open at 950 Queen Street West until November 25th. During this time, the featured bartenders will switch, allowing patrons to try out the creations from some of North America’s Most Imaginative Bartenders.

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