WA designer Megan Newbery launches eco-friendly activewear

Rising up in WA, Megan Newbery lived and breathed the ocean and now she is on a mission to put it aside.

She just lately launched eco-friendly activewear label Loveland Energetic, made out of deserted fishing nets left to drift within the sea and kill our marine life.

“I studied at Bentley TAFE and they have a unit there on sustainability — you learn all about the impact of the fashion industry from start to finish, growing the cotton crops all the way out to the end and it was so shocking for me to realise how bad it really is getting,” she stated.

“I came across this fabric, which is made from regenerated nylon waste, so they take abandoned fishing nets, carpet waste, landfill, anything that has a nylon in it and they regenerate it.”

Newbery liked the standard of the material and the actual fact it got here from cleansing up the ocean.

“I did look at a few different things, a few different fabrics but this one obviously hit closer to home, given you can’t live in WA and not love the beach or not care for the ocean,” she stated.

Newbery stated her resolution to design a sustainable activewear line got here from her personal struggles with an consuming dysfunction.

“I suffered from an eating disorder for 14 years (until) about five years ago,” she revealed. “I discovered Pilates and how important a healthy relationship with exercise was and when I started to look for activewear, it was such a common theme among women that they didn’t feel there was much out there if you were slightly bigger — there wasn’t anything that was always form-flattering.”

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